To support the efforts of the Community Foundation, or a donor-advised or memorial fund with a credit card transaction today, select the fund from the list below or use the search screen.  Please note that there is a bank charge per transaction when using a credit card for your contribution.  This fee is subtracted from the total contribution credited to the fund.


Cash, wire and gifts of securities

Contact the Community Foundation with any questions, 830.896.8811.


Real Estate, personal property and other complex assets

Please contact the Community Foundation at 830.896.8811 for information about donating these types of assets.


2019 Summitopoly

5 A Family Charitable Fund

Andrew Hagelstein Memorial Fund

Ann Pierce Memorial Scholarship

Barton Family Charitable Giving Fund

Betty Jane Bell Kerr County Livestock Fund

Billy & Susan Johnson Fund

Boys & Girls Club of the Texas Hill Country Endowment Fund

Branyon Family Fund

Brenda & Bryant Williams Family Fund

Bruce and Beth Johnson Charitable Fund

Bryant and Shari Truitt Fund

Captain Mark Tyler Voss Memorial Scholarship Fund

Carolyn Redditt Henderson Fund

Charlene Spaulding Vocational Scholarship

Charles W. Boenker Memorial Scholarship

Charlotte and Tom Daniels Fund

Children's Education Fund

Chip and Jenny Chase Fund

Christian Assistance Ministry Fund

Christian Evangelism Fund

Christian/Giles Charitable Fund

CJL Fund

Comfort Area Foundation

Comfort Golden Age Center Foundation

Comfort Public Library Fund, Inc., Board Designated Trust Fund

Community Foundation Action Fund

Community Foundation Board Designated Unrestricted Fund

Create A Smile Fund

Darter Family Fund