Volunteer Management

LouAnne Smith photo

Effective Volunteer Management Workshop

May 9, 2017            9:00 am - 3:30 pm
Location: The Salvation Army Kroc Center
(Lunch included)
LouAnne Smith, Volunteer Solutions Consulting


  1. Changes in the Volunteer Landscape
    Motivation - generational realities
    Communication - social media, responsiveness, staff relations
    Dual-Purpose Volunteerism - community service, service learning, etc.
    Modern-day measuring sticks - impact vs. numbers, professional advancement, etc.
  2. Managing Expectations
    Organizational Readiness - assessing your organizational readiness
    Risk Management
    Creating a productive intake process
    How to get your staff on your side
    Boundaries - determining your limits, your red flags and service requirements
  3. What Will Volunteers Do?!
    Developing position descriptions
    Leaving room for exceptions
    Strategies to limit risk to your organization and clients
    Training and preparing volunteers to dive in
    Continuum of Engagement - how to implement with your volunteers
  4. Making it Work Day by Day
    Managing difficult volunteers
    Difficult conversations
  5. Your Own Care and Feeding
    Professional connections
    Sources of inspiration
    Local ongoing support