Investment Management

Investment Management

The Community Foundation offers local nonprofits investment support by way of managing funds. Not all organizations have the capabilities to manage an endowment fund. Other organizations prefer the benefits, strategies, or custodianship of the Community Foundation to oversee a portion of their funds. The Community Foundation offers endowed and non-endowed agency funds for qualified nonprofits.

Over 40 nonprofits have opened funds at the Foundation: these are endowed or non-endowed, depending on the nonprofit’s determination, and may or may not have annual distributions, again based on the organization’s determination.

Nonprofits that choose to hold a fund at the Foundation have the advantage of:

  • Professional investment management
  • A greater rate of return through a large investment pool
  • Access to the Foundation’s resources, just like all other fundholders
  • Online tools for fund information and performance
  • A long-term strategy for financial stability

All funds at the Community Foundation are governed by a fund agreement. Below is a sample agency fund agreement that is used when nonprofits decide to open a fund at the Foundation.

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Sample Agency Fund Agreement