Performance & Analysis


Performance Ending 6/30/17

The Foundation regularly updates its fundholders on the performance of its investments portfolios. Below is an excerpt from a July 2017 letter to donors from Austin Dickson, Executive Director of the Community Foundation:

     "The Community Foundation as a whole has seen its assets increase from $19,006,916 to $20,076,384 so far this calendar year. Simultaneously, the Foundation’s donors have advised $1,691,427 in grants this year. 

Our goal is to increase our assets to enable more philanthropy in the Hill Country; there are numerous critical missions that need financial support to be impactful. To that end, our diversified investment portfolio has yielded a healthy rate of return of 6.1% through June 30; the Foundation’s five-year rate of return is 7.6%. We continue to enjoy our investment relationships with Broadway Bank and Centennial Bank.”