The Community Foundation achieves its mission by daily working its strategic plan. Below is a synopsis of its overall strategy to realize change, develop awareness, work effectively, and development more and more resources for the Hill Country.


Through thoughtful allocation and investment as well as aggressive leveraging of additional resources, the Foundation will significantly contribute to a thriving Texas Hill Country. The Community Foundation realizes community change through grantmaking, nonprofit development, community leadership, and resource development.


Continual communication to stakeholders about the mission, vision, services, and impact of the Foundation will support its other strategic priorities and develop a culture of philanthropy in the Hill Country. The Community Foundation develops educated awareness through transparency, thoroughness, and consistency in its communications as well as through its leadership.


With operational excellence, cost efficiencies will be realized, stakeholders will have positive experiences, and the Foundation will demonstrate it is the trusted community steward it’s expected to be. The Community Foundation achieves organizational excellence by demonstrating superior customer service, legal compliance, an efficient and effective working environment, and a technology-driven management and administrative practices.


The Foundation’s assets will continue to grow with solid relationship building and prudent investment management – we grow to have even greater impact on the Hill Country in perpetuity.

To review the Community Foundation’s strategic plan in more detail, click here.