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Paul Urban

There’s an old saying that “time flies when you are having fun”, and it surely applies to my years at The Community Foundation of the Texas Hill Country.
I can’t begin to express my gratitude and thanks to the Board of Trustees for giving me the opportunity to serve this wonderful organization as Executive Director. Along with Amy Rector, our Business Manager, and Jayne Zirkel, our PR & Event Coordinator, and with the cooperation of our Board of Trustees, we have breathed new life into the organization and have achieved great success. We made it our mission to expand our horizons and to educate individuals, businesses, professionals and non-profit organizations on how we can be of benefit to them. Along the way we have developed trust and relationships, to me the two most important business traits a successful organization can offer. As a result of that trust and those relationships, assets have grown to more than $17 million, we now manage over 130 component funds, and we have provided grant and scholarship awards in excess of $15,500,000 since 1982. All of this success is due to education, trust and relationship.

But we are not ready to sit back and relax. Our Board of Trustees has determined that we need to continue to grow to be successful. It only makes sense that as our population grows, we should also grow. Philanthropy certainly plays an important role in our service area. We live our vision statement “betterment of the Texas Hill Country through philanthropic service” and we want to achieve our mission statement “inspiring philanthropy by helping our partners achieve their charitable goals”. Help us do this by contacting us when you are ready to establish a charitable giving fund. Let us help you build a legacy for the community you love. Together we can do great things.

To find out more about The Community Foundation and how you can make an impact that can be felt for generations to come, please call The Community Foundation office at (830)896-8811, or visit our website: www.communityfoundation.net. To reach Paul directly, email paul@communityfoundation.net.

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