Nonprofit Scholarship Fund

Specifically geared towards the career development of individual staff and board members serving Hill Country nonprofits, Nonprofit Scholarships are a capacity-building initiative of the Community Foundation. By investing in the skills and competencies of staff members and volunteer leadership, these scholarships develop skills, offer opportunity, and/or advance careers for individuals, as well as build organizational capacity.

In order to provide equitable opportunity to all qualified organizations, the Community Foundation awards no more than two Nonprofit Scholarships (one grant per individual) within a 12-month period to a single 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in the Foundation’s 10-county service area. If an application is declined, the applicant may reapply for another professional development opportunity.

Nonprofit Scholarships support professional seminars and training opportunities not covered by existing operating budgets. Trainings can vary from one-day, skill-building courses to multi-day, career-enhancing seminars. In addition to registration, associated costs like travel, lodging, fuel, meals, and childcare are allowable expenditures. Please be aware that tuition for college degrees will not be supported through Nonprofit Scholarships.

This program is limited to supporting the individual development of a staff member or board member. In-house group training sessions, webinars, and training opportunities that focus on administrative functions cannot be considered under this program. In addition, this program does not support board trainings or strategic planning sessions.

  • The maximum funding request is $1,000. Notification of grant decisions is made within one month of the deadline.
  • Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.
  • Reimbursement requests for prior professional development opportunities or requests for learning opportunities occurring within four weeks of submission will be declined.

If you have any questions about the Nonprofit Scholarships program, please contact Ingrid Cunyus, Grants and Scholarships Manager, at

Below are guidelines for the Nonprofit Scholarship program as well as an application and, for awarded scholarships, a reporting form. Report forms are due 30 days after the professional development opportunity.

Instructions for Applying:

  1. Click on the link below.
  2. Before typing any information, download the application or report form to your Desktop.
  3. Name the file “YourLastName-YourAgencyName”, for example, “Dickson-CommunityFoundation”.
  4. Once the form is completed, be sure to save again.
  5. Attach the document to an email to submit to the Foundation - please use subject line: “YourLastName-YourAgencyName"

Nonprofit Scholarships - Guidelines
Nonprofit Scholarships - Application (Fill-able Form)
Nonprofit Scholarships - Report Form (Fill-able Form)

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