Kerrville Chapter - Sisterhood for Good

Our Impact

  • Total grant monies awarded: $82,000 in just 4 years!
  • Over 100 women have participated since inception in 2017
  • 2020 Grant Recipient: Light on the Hill
  • 2019 Grant Recipient: Divinity Family Services
  • 2018 Grant Recipient: Mercy Gate Ministries
  • 2017 Grant Recipient: Magdalene House

2021 At A Glance


2021 brings exciting new plans to Sisterhood!

Learn more about area nonprofits while enjoying two great events this year: Dessert Dash and Bingo Night. Local nonprofits may apply for SFG monies. The list of applications will be available at the Dessert Dash, where members will narrow the list to 5 finalists (application list and ballot will be available online for those unable to attend). At Bingo Night, members will view zoom meeting-styled interviews to learn more about each of the finalists, and then vote for grant recipients. Winners will be revealed at the end of Bingo Night.

Membership deadline: Monday, February 8, 2021.
Join or renew your SFG membership here.

Dessert Dash

Join in the fun of a blind auction for your favorite dessert! Fabulous desserts from local bakeries and some from very far away will be "blind auctioned" by table, so plan to bring your loose cash or your "walking around money" to bid on a dessert!

Here's how the "Dessert Dash" works: Each person will have the opportunity to put whatever donation (cash, check or cc #) into a table envelope. The Sisterhood Leadership Team will tally up each table's envelope. The table with the most $$ in it gets to "dash" first to choose a dessert. This first table will have 30 seconds to send a table member to dash and claim a dessert. After that, the next highest donation total table will be called, but they will have less time to "dash". This is where it begins to get crazy as table representatives try to claim their prized dessert, but they'll need to be quick! The idea of collaborative giving shines through in this fun opportunity to pool resources for a great outcome.

Bingo Night


2021 Nonprofit Grant Cycle

Important Dates

Two chapters of Sisterhood for Good exist in the Hill Country with funds managed by the Community Foundation. The Fredericksbug and Kerrville chapters operate separately, but follow a similar format:

  • The annual membership drive formally begins in January and continues until the announced deadline.
  • Nonprofit agencies submit grant applications for review.
  • Members narrow the pool of applicants to three (3) semi-finalists.
  • Videos of each semi-finalist are professionally created and presented to the Membership.
  • Members vote to award grant monies to one, two or all three semi-finalists.


Each Sisterhood for Good chapter follows a simple giving model. 75% of each membership goes directly to funding grants, while 25% goes to the group's endowed fund. Sponsorships fund operating and event expenses. The membership decides how many grantees to fund. Grants to local nonprofits provide opportunities to help all area residents lead healthier, happier and more satisfying lives.


2021 Grant Criteria

Any woman is invited to join Sisterhood for Good. Each annual membership costs $1,000. A membership consists of 1-4 women, sharing the cost of the membership. Members may participate at the level that best suits their schedule. Attend the events, or simply write your check and cast your vote (online). 

the last puzzle piece

Work With Us

Donors may recommend an investment advisor to manage the assets of their Community Foundation fund; the minimum endowed balance required is $250,000. The Foundation retains the donor-recommended investment advisor as long as the advisor is qualified, meets the Foundation’s due diligence criteria, and adheres to the Foundation’s investment policy.

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